While preparing for the road trip there has been quite a few setbacks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dental setbacks... pearly whites.. what a pain in the butt!!

I went to the dentist in January 2012 and apparently I have a premolar tooth that is not doing so well, they suggested a root canal, and anybody that doesn't have dental insurance knows that it is about$2,000!!  I of course already spent $118 on a full set of xrays to see what is going on in there.. I asked about options, they didn't say there was any but I know I could just get it yanked for $200 (to me that is still a lot of money when I am desperately trying to save up for this cross country road trip.) A different dentist reassured me that a bridge is an option for later on when funds are more readily.  A bridge costs less than a root canal and I think he said it was less agonizing too! Although I am already missing one tooth, which I plan on getting a bridge for... I am just not sure I can handle missing another tooth.  Dilemma.

Hello, So... I hurt My Knees....


I worked too many hours with improper shoes with my over pronating feet. I am out of order for at least another week. I will be seeing an orthopedic on July 20th. I will update with the verdict on the knee injury. (they keep switching on me, first it was the rigtht knee, now its the left knee...) I am optimistic because my arms are still fine and that means I can still play banjo & paint with no problem... getting down the stairs and into my painting studio is the only problem. But if you know me, that won't stop me, I will find a way and probably document it on facebook & this blog.  (I am sure it will be interesting if not completely ridiculous).

Update:  It took me 2 weeks to recover.  I did the heat and ice every 20 minutes and was pretty much on bed rest the whole time.  I didn't have insurance but went to a knee specialist anyways, saved up to find out what exactly is going on.  The same thing happened to me in 2009.  I need to work out the innner knee muscles and that will push my patella back to where it needs to be.

The main reason why my knees got so bad this time is because I have been wearing Spira spring heal shoes since the first incident.  The springs in the heal of the shoes helps with impact, but the longer you wear them the weaker your muscles in your knees get.  The spira shoes are not non-skid and I work at a restaurant.  After some scary sliding across the floor experiences I decided to get some Shoes for Crews. Bad idea.  First, they breakdown extremely fast, and second they have no impact retardant at all.   Because I was wearing the spring shoes in about 6 weeks flat my knee muscles wore down so much that my knee was strangely wobble, I could feel it falling out of joint when going up and downstairs.  I knew something was wrong and that is when I decided on bed rest.

I am doing close to fine now.  I did not go back to wearing Spira Spring Shoes.  I have decided to build up my muscles.  I do however wear Magic Toes for my bunion (I hate that word) and orthopedic arches with an extra wedge on the bottom to help relieve some more of the pressure of my lovely bunion,  I also ordered some shoes called MOZO's.  My boss works lots of hours and wears them and says that they are very comfortable, and are non-skid.