1966 Travel Trailer

Trailer Break lights and trouble shooting 


Poor trailer... look at the tail lights all hanging out & missing.

BEFORE:  if you turned on the road side blinker both would blink but the wrong side would only blink faintly, but if you turned on the curb side blinker they both blinked brightly so if I wanted to turn on my hazards all I would have to do is turn on the right blinker... (not good) also the running lights were so dim you couldn't see them during the day.

First, I attempted to fix them by changing the light bulbs and cleaning out the red covers.  They were pretty dirty. I pulled out the bulbs (which looked pretty scary) and tried to replace them... Couldn't get the bulbs back in. The springs were so rusted there was no way, not even when I tried to jam them down with a screw driver.

So I went to www.vintagetrailersupply.com and ordered the parts ($4.95 for the tear lights nice and low, however so is the quality but it looks just like the old 66's.  Don't tamper the very thin metal because it bends very easily.  I am happy either way, $39.99 for the round assembly which did not come with the red cover... ouch! Total was $101.33 and they shipped extremely fast.

Two green geezer wires and one thinner brown wire.  Interesting is what I was thinking.  The other thing I thought was odd was that random good for nothing screw.  However I read in someone's blog that it may be a ground. But when I took off the round tail light there was nothing attached to it. So I am a little confused about that subject as of right now. Any comments are more than welcome.

below is the tear light wiring.  So I gather that the wires go straight to the round tail lights, branch off to the side lights and that is why there are two green wires and one red wire on the road side and curb side there are again 2 green wires and one brown wire.  Is this the way it should be? 

AFTER:  I did all this... and copied EXACTLY how they were installed previously the lights still behaved the same.. unfortunately exactly the same problems. I called www.campingworld.com and talked to the parts department, explained the problem before and after and how I tried to fix it and what parts I used etc. He said that its gotta be the wires and I would need to rewire the break lights. To me that sounded scary but he said it was easier than it sounds.  Wouldn't ya know.. the break wires run along the bottom of your trailer and the only hard part is when it goes up the back area to the actual break lights. That was true. I looked underneath and low and behold there were my old terrible looking wires and I'd have to say that just looking at them I could tell they were in bad shape. They are from 1966 I am surprised that they still work even a little.
The guy said I could use Romax I am not sure if I am saying that right, its that yellow thick wire that you can buy at Lowes and pull out the wires from inside it. Or you could buy a 4 or 7 pin wiring harness which I am assuming has multiple colored wires to help out with the wiring.  I think I might go the cheap romax way but not quite sure yet.

And if anyone is wondering... I also tried regrounding the break wires first:
here is a photo. I sanded the clip thing, and the frame to get a good connection, I even cut back the wires to attempt a better connection.

The picture below is before I sanded it and prettied it all up! Wow that sounded hillbilly....

Electrical Stuff inside the trailer:

I have a new sconce!!! and a new outlet

and another outlet by my bed/couch!

Thanks to my boyfriend Mike and his expertise.  Done to code.

 and he explained how to do it all.. 

I might be able to do it myself next time I get another outdated trailer.. 
ha        ha       ha. 

1966 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer  13'x7' (tongue included in measurement)

Its safe to post these images now... (that I know I will make enough, I can let myself get excited.. and not get let down) I viewed this camper on Saturday the 7th after the Riverside Arts Market. It was pouring rain and rolling thunder when I visited my new dream aka goal. I met Lori (the owner) and she is awesome, very informative and told me of how she has traveled and lived in campers... my dream!!

soooo without futher ado... this is a 1966 Vintage Shasta 13 foot camper. In order to get this camper I would have to make $2,000 in 3 weeks. Felt a little far fetched for me but I have been trying to find a perfect trailer for me to go on the road with. I just know it is this one... so I took the challange and went home to sell everything and anything that is worth money and a quick sale.

I sold camera lenses, flash for my camera, shoes on ebay, camera bag, I am doing painting commissions, sold paintings, selling jewelry, worked doubles and picked anyones shift I could get my hands on, canceled my bulk order of canvas, sold my nissan maxima, refuse to buy anything, won't do laundry (thank you Johnathan for letting me wash my work cloths- all I really need), doing side work for Jen from Trouvez (best framinig/art shop in Riverside), sold dimaond glaze to Shelly... There is probably more.. I will edit later.

I was soooo excited that I couldn't sleep, or eat. I did get a cold. yay. but I have 75% of the money... I am waiting on credit cards to batch from the sales from the Riverside Arts Market
( riversideartsmarekt.com ) and a check from my best friend Elaina for the lenses (thank you!!) and for my paypal to transfer the money from Gary's commission and the two pairs of shoes I sold.

One problem... after I get the camper... I will need to make rent and bills ASAP. The frantic selling will not be over. Yes, I will have a back up place to live... the camper.. but I don't want to live in that quite yet.

Here it is original paint. Lori's daughter added some cute flower paintings on the other side. I like them, and will probably keep the paintings.
you can see the orange flower below.. prespectivey view...

I made this layout in Photoshop so you can understand the images you are about to scroll through. "W" means WINDOW. On the left there is a "2W" that is one high window and one window below.

Get ready for the interiour that spells out my name.. seriously I think Lori's her daughter was painting it for me... These are the perfect colors. It will match my blankets and sheets perrrrfectly.
See that mirror? That is the door to the bathroom that I will be converting to a shower/toilet combo.

See that tan thing with a handle? That is the ice box. I will be converting that to a real fridge.

The green wall next to the mirror wall is a closet!! Yes a closet... this is the best use of space I have ever seen. It reminds me of my apartment.. but prettier.. haha.. just kidding... my apartment is small but not that small (and it has a shower already built in....)
This is the bunk where YOU will be sleeping... whoever wants to come with me where ever I visit... I will be taking it on a camping trip or something a few times to get used to it.

I just watched a bunch of how to ball, hitch, tongue, wiring etc videos on youtube.com
I am so excited to get it and bring it home.. now I am scared to drive with it.. it was saying stuff about sway.. and how you are pushed around on the highway when big mac trucks pass you by.. (I will be the person driveing 45 on the highway freaking out) but I will warn you by writing it on my chalkboard van...
There is my bed. the striped couch. It pulls out. There are two drink holders mounted to the wall on either side. That is where I will be toasting to future Muto Art Road Trip.

The ceiling is wood panels. It is only half done. I will be finishing it. It actually looks like its supposed to be only half done but why the hell not make it complete and fancified...?

There is rope as detail around corners and on the edges. I like it.

Now I need to figure out what is with the differential fluid or thing that my mechanic was talking about. I am now going to go outside and see if I can find wiring for the camper break lights.

I purchased it on Tuesday the 17th. I was brain dead at work and I figured out why... I was soooo close to having enough money for the camper that I couldn't think clearly.
I went home with my earnings counted, stole from my art show change bank, and my server book bank and realized that I can afford the camper... however I knew I was going to overdraw Wednesday from my vehicle insurance auto payment... but Sleep was important to me and seeing I hadn't had a good nights sleep through this whole camper thing got started on August 7th buying it early and risky was a good idea in my world.

I grabbed the money....
and texted the seller and she told me she would tow it to my house since I was broke and needed to buy a 2" ball and pin.

And here it is in my yard...

Now... its Rent and bills time.

today I paid rent...

Now... its title transfer, tag, taxes paid on camper time.
title transfer is $85.85
tag is $70 vanity tag is $30 extra (MUTO ART)
taxes to be paid are $210

Total is $395.85
That does not include the Insurance estimate that I will receive Monday...

Speaking of Insurance---they asked me how much it was sold for in 1966.. --I had no idea--
but when I joined the "Vintage Shasta Club" I found out that Shasta was sold to Coachman in 1976 and someone told me that it was probably around $3,000 brand new... funny.. because that is how much I paid!!

I met a person (Sean) on the Vintage Shasta Club I joined. He read my blog (this one) and decided to help me fix up my camper.. I am so excited that I feel like I am running in circles trying to patiently wait to start the work. There are some things I need to do anyway, like measure and plan for all the items that i will be putting in my camper, i still need to get the title transfered, pay the taxes, and get a tag, also need to install a transmission filter on my van and get it wired with a break system and for the turning signals and break lights.. I have found and measured pretty much EVERYTHING and now i need to find someone that can custom pour some fiber glass for my tiny bathroom that i am very determined to put in. Haha.

I pulled off the wood "Decorations" off the ceiling and found a lovely hole!!! I kept taking off that wood decorations... and the rot area is way bigger than I thought...

Then..... it rained... and I got yet another exciting surprise!!! Yup, a puddle... and realized all this time that it had rained it must have puddled above that decoration wood and poured down the side walls. Gosh some people can be so sweet and try to fix things in the most absurd ways.
The rot even goes into the cabinet. So this is one of the first things we will be fixing.

Starting Work on the CAMPER after Thanks Giving !!!

See that lovely orange paint? Yeah, well it's not as lovely as it looks. There are drips and chunks everywhere. They painted over and on pretty much everything that was in there. So I sanded it today. I unfortunately do not care for the color orange anymore so will be painting it green and yellow and a light shade of whiteish green oh and cosmic pink. Well that is what I say but I keep changing my mind.

I want to put a full bathroom in. Portable toilet I already have. I need to install a fresh water tank, water pump, tankless water heater, and a custom shower of some sort... that should be the most interesting part, i am going to try to find someone to do a custom fiber glass pour... if its not toooooo expen$ive.

I also want to put in a fridge with a freezer and i have a small AC. I also want to do surround sound and a dvd player with a mp3 player attached.. i like music... but i love loud music!!

I need to find a generator that can handle a fridge, microwave, ac, toaster, dvd player, laptop, water pump, tankless water heater.. etc. Dont know anything about generators.. so if you know something... please let me know.. email me at MutoArt@gmail.com

more photos will be coming soon... and hopefully some videos.... any color suggestions or any suggestions at all would be awesome!!

The sellers paint job has inspired me keep it orange inside... but I am going to change the orange just slightly "Autumn Gala". I will be priming it first with white or whatever the paint people tell me to use. I want a nice solid colour. The "Greenway" green. The detail will be paisley down below are some designs that I like. I may add some other colours other than green for the paisley.

Oh and on the inside of the cabinets and drawers etc... It will be "Plunge Pink" a softer pink than the "Cosmic Pink" on the accents.

I will be taking before and after photos and during photos.. and will be posting them on here.

It's an itsy bitsy teeny weeny little poka-dot travel trailer....

Nooo it is not painted like this.... YET!! This is photoshoped... (sorry to all those that I by a mistake tricked on facebook) I did however purchase a automobile spray gun thing and I do have a pancake air compressor and a friend Rob Boggs that will be helping me with the paint job. YES, I do believe I will be doing this paint job however.. it will look waaay better than this photo. -this was me jusss playin around with photoshop and trying to figure out what I want to do with it.

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! The beginning of renovations.....


This is the kitchenette. That microwave is the reason why the bunkbed does not sit on the holders, because the microwave is mounted on the wood **paneling** there is no support and in turn it has pulled down the wall and is now bowed out. The AC in that front window is coming out and will be reinstalled into the back window. I would rather have a window that has the capability to open than a window that cannot open (the back window does not open).
This was where the closets were to the left. I took out that vintage ice box as well and there will be a shower stall installed **somehow**.......

This below is the ceiling cleverly disguised using "decorations" from the previous owner. They covered a completely rotted out ceiling.... thanks btw previous owner... Seriously though, I wish they just told me the truth because it STILL leaks and that disguise has kept the water in and has probably been spilling down the sides ruining more than just the ceiling...
Notice the power strip.. nailed and glued to the wall. Wasn't excited about that jerry rig. What a mess and very difficult to sand off.

You cannot tell in these photos but the paint job is not the best. There was paint on EVERYTHING, (rope decorations on the ceiling, light fixtures, plastic cup holders that are mounted to the wall, fridge, seat cushions, window frames, all the power stripes, microwave, the silver details... I could go on... but I won't.
Notice the lovely floor. That is vinyle and also gone. I flooded the poor unfortunate travel trailer... I had to pull it out.. but as I was inspecting it when it was flooded.. I noticed it was rather carelessly put in, so I was not sad to see it go. I also pulled out the original vinyle flooring as well, it had a HUGE green paint splotch on it... I decided it needed to go, it was holding moisture under the corners...

This is the bunk that doesn't sit right from the microwaves blunder.

I will be posting photos as I renovate. Any suggestions or tips or anything would be awesome.

December 2010

Sean Peppers have we met??

Sean Peppers is a guy I met on the Vintage Shasta Club I joined. I know I know.. how dorky... but man I have learned a lot in that club. Sean and I came up with a deal since he feels bad we didn't meet before I purchased the Trailer. I spent a pretty penny but it has a few problems that were hidden to the nieve eye..(my eye) so we are doing a trade. He is helping me fix it up and I am paying him in paintings. He has fixed up 3 other ones. Mine is a challenge because I want a shower and i am stubborn and even though he has warned against the terrible idea... i still am planning on putting one in. I will be taking pix and posting info because I am having trouble with the shower psi water pump inline water heater etc.. I dont want anyone else going through the same headache so when i find out what to do i will be posting videos on youtube and this blog and etc etc... everyone will know how to set up a small shower and all the electric components and why.... so there.

The AC from front to back:

The previous owners mounted the AC in the front so when you are driving all the rocks and fly back and damage the AC so i will have to purchase a new one soon.... Sean suggested to put it in the back window and have the front window able to be open again... i couldn't say no. Sounded like a good idea to me. Also... see that wood to the right of the AC? That is actually the original 1966 table that goes on the inside... yes it is still intact but it is destroyed.. oh well.. tv dinner folding trays that are lightweight sound good to me!
There's the table below... all cut up. Also it was not sealed so the wood was peeling and peeling off.... boo.
BEFORE: The back window. Before Sean busted it out... to put the AC in. I'd rather have a window that opens than a window that doesn't open... would'nt you?

The window before it got smashed...
Crashing... it out..
no mo window...
This is it in raw form.. before the calking and tin that will be put on.

The ceiling and vent repair.

The vent was leaking and caused rotten wood and a big hole in the ceiling.

Sean Peppers... is supporting the ceiling....
We put in 1x2's to support the ceiling and its dent...

the air vent. it had a leak so this is it in the process of being patched. Thank you Sean.

This stuff looks fun, huh. Its actually chocolate. mmm chocolate....

Us vs Falling Wall on my vintage Travel Trailer.... 

The wall bowed out which directly effects the bunk bed.  It needs the wall to be straight so it can latch into it and support a person sleeping.

We added these support posts to push up the cabinet which is located on the bowed wall.  The figuration was if we added support to the sagging ceiling and the bowed wall then it will straighten itself out.  It worked for the most part.  Its not perfect but it works.

This is where the fridge is going to go. It is a 3.1 cubic ft Frigidaire. I purchased it from Lowes for approximately $200.  It keeps things cold.  Sometimes too cold.  It tends to freeze anything put too far back in the fridge.  I have yet to find the sweet spot.
We took out this wall to make the side wall straighter... it was bowed because the previous owners put a microwave on it. There was not enough support and it pulled the wall down, bowing it out and thus making the bunk bed non functional.

This is the bench/pull out bed. We put thick wood for sturdiness and it worked. We WON!!

We won!!!! and the bunk is now functioning!!

Was a closet now soon to be a 2'x2' shower stall.
BEFORE... I attacked it....
AFTER... I attacked it...

Relocating the breaker box

This is the Breaker Box. Sean Peppers and myself (I held the light-I was very helpful!) unscrewed it and removed it to relocate it to the left so I won't have to shock myself during showers in the future.

It is kind of blurry but it has a 12v trickle, when I am on grid it will charge and keep the deep cell battery charged. Good thing, cuz the showers water pump runs off the battery only... or I am going to have to sponge bath... eeeeeh!

That black square on the photo below is where the electricity comes in. On the outside it is the plug in thingy.

Below is the big black wires (3 wires in each) We extended the one on the right and will be adding 2-3 more. One for the fridge, one for the AC and possibly one for the microwave/toaster oven.. we shall see.....

This was fun for Sean... putting the nuts on like 6 wires.. he grumbled a few times.. hehehe

We ran a straight wire to the Refrigerator, and the AC but also put in a plug too!!
We checked it and YESSSSS it works!!! yay!!

The teeny weiny Shower!!

I am STILL working on the shower and the tank etc... There have been set backs here and there. I was going to use a propane tankless water heater... but having gas by the food or even having my clothes in that closet does not sound like a good idea. Not to mention I don't really want to cut a hole in the side wall, or put a weird fan that somehow I would need to cover when not in use.

sooo... back to the RV store to look for a tankless electric heater or see if a tanked water heater is the option that I should take.

Here are some pictures of the installed 43 gallon water tank.. its kinda big. probably too big. Full it would be about 320 lbs. yipes. oops. oh well, too late now.

The Boy Scout that was helping me with the trailer that day...
OOooo.... look its my shower pan... 24"x24" it is not installed quite yet....

The Boy Scout moved the original water fill with his boy scout skills....

Don't pay attention to the pink stuff painted on the side of the trailer... I DID NOT DO THAT... just sayin....

1966 Shasta Compact WING spacers and screws

These photographs are from my 1966 Shasta Compact questions or requests please comment. I also recommend replacing typical screws with specialty head screw to deter "Wing Thieves"... Its a species that seems to be growing... most Wing Thieves carry Flat head or Philips head screw drivers. Good luck. 

Starting to look like home sweet home...

Oooohhh... What could be behind that green door??


Why, A shower (2'x2' custom shower) and a cute little porta-poty that I will definitely be painting or decorating. Its tan. how boring!  Check out that shower curtain... yup that is a labeled map of the world.  Every place is labeled and is a purrrrty colour!!

Today:   Handy man/ plumber Robert Johnson, (he says no relation to any of em'!!) lol. Anyway, today he is hooking up the shower/water heater and all the piping in between!!!  I am overly excited. you have no idea.  After this install, soon my manly man, Mike is going to hook up the electrical stuff and put in switches for turning on and off the pump and water heater. yay.

Double sided curtains!!!!

This is the material. It doesn't have that blue tint to it. It is white background. When I went back for more I saw the same exact material but with a brown background... and my brain gears started turning and I decided to make my project difficult and make double sided curtains!!! yay.... they took forever!
I put white material in the middle so the designs wouldn't be seen through the material.
Meet my sewing machine, and there is the material again.  I have been intimidated by this sewing machine for years!  I had the easiest time with it!!   The curtain design however was trial and error, error, error... and what scares me is I have just enough confidence to think that I may be able to make the pull out foam cover.. hah. That should be interesting.

This is the awesome fabric that made me want to do double sided curtains!  Those are the curtains... please don't judge, they do have character! I stayed up till 7 am sewing them I only got a window and a half done... yeah ok I was also watching Shutter Island here and there... weird movie!!

This was my first travel trailer goal...  Here is a little info about it.  I did not end up purchasing this trailer.  Scroll down to see MY travel trailer.

What is an R-POD??

An R-POD is a travel trailer.  It is 16' long.  It is very compact.  Sleeping area, kitchen/dining area and a shower/toilette.  It is approximately 2,500 lbs. dry weight.  Some have convenient slide outs. 

This was my first goal for my future travels.  They run around $16,000 more or less.  I cannot recall.  Either way its a pretty penny.
Model 177 was my favorite.

Check out that queen size bed!!  It has a built in dvd player and a swivel screen for movie watching, & a satellite is built into the roof.

Here is a side view. I went and looked at them... there are a million different models..
This is the luxourious bathroom!!
This is one of the many models I viewed.
This is that same model as above, cute but not exactly what I need.
This one is very similar to the 177 except the kitchen does not slide out. Such a big difference in the claustraphobic effect.. I really feel much more comfortable in the slide out one.
This is the same model as above.. non slide out...
This R-pod 177 is the newest model and it is a pretty penny. I was willing to save money and buy this, paint and work at Mossfire and sell stuff on ebay. This was my motivation!!

I had photos of this travel trailer posted all over my house. When I start feeling lazy and want to nap, all I have to do is open my eyes and there it is.. and then I get up and start to paint.

If I had purchased the r-pod I was going to put Da in front of the r to make it the Dar-pod!!! People call me Dar too.. anyway that would be funny...