Jul 4, 2017

5/12/15 Having Fun on Vaca

Beets are allowed on the plane!!

Bought some Maple Cream from this barn! Thought the mural was cool! 

Taking selfies by a wooden bridge!

Saw an awesomely bright house! 

Home sweet home!

Shopping for Mother's Day gifts and playing with everything in the stores! 

Sunset on the porch! 

Gathered dead trees out of the blackberry & raspberry patches. 

Saw Dean! 

Saw how the maple hoses are hooked up to trees. Look closely. 

They empty into this classy container. (Season is over, the bucket was empty)
My mother said it takes 40 gallons of the stuff out of the trees to make 1 galling of Maple syrup-that sounds crazy I'll double check my source. 

Went on a hike. 

This think was a simple shelter. It's a newly built place but super cool. 

On the same trail we found this wire and I played on it. 

I didn't make it all the way across...

Mom gave me breakfast in Gator colors by mistake. I explained it to her and we giggled. 

We purchased dirt (different brand than what is shown here) to work in the garden that runs alongside the fence. I love moms outfit here. She's so cute!!!

Saw a VERY tiny library. 

Went to an Arts, Plants & Craft Fair

Met this guy! He makes wooden ties! They are cut to be flexible and I have to say... They are absolutely awesome. 

Oooohhhh Please Remove Trash From Lake!!!

Went to The Stanstead Stone Circle in Canada!!

I'm assuming that says "Feed The Bears."

Flower children in Magog, Canada

Did you know there's a Canadian Walmart? It's weird to walk around in it. Almost everything is in French. 

Almost every business had white writing on their front windows.  

In the bathroom in Canada. Does it say Employees must wash hands. 

Jammin on some banjo. 

Vaca is not over yet! Tomorrow is my free day. Mom said she will do whatever I want to do... What should I do within reason? 

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