Jul 4, 2017

3/15/16 over working creates burn out

How I avoid burn out?
How I stay motivated when there's TONS of stuff to do and it feels EXTREMELY overwhelming? 

Well, I'm a pro at putting things off and burning myself out! Thankfully my best learning experiences are in the past. Don't hear what I'm not saying... I'm not perfect nor will I ever be.. I still make some of these same mistakes but not nearly as often, thank God!!!

Burn out on artwork? Here's how! If your working 10+ hours in the studio or working at your side job then working in your art studio all night.... not getting enough sleep... it will surely burn you out in no time, then depression usually comes along & followed by a creators block. 

Once I couldn't bring myself to paint for over a year. That's a long time. The thought of creating made me want to crawl in a hole. No wonder!! I've associated creating with misery (overworking myself to exhaustion). No fun!!! 

Biggest thing is don't work more than 8 hours a day. Doesn't matter if the creativity is flowing. 

Stop at 8 hours promptly. I've tested it recently. If I keep going and not stop after 8 hours and still get a good amount of sleep I still feel mentally exhausted. 

Painting is not just physical there's a lot of thinking involved. Your mind needs to be taken care of, not pushed to the max until you become a Zombie!! 

Some of you will need to stop before 8 hours and some can go a little further but you'll have to pay CLOSE attention to your emotional state 24/7 for a few months. 

I strongly recommend 8 max to start with as a base. I used to paint 10,12,14 hours a day for 1 or more days in a row. The following few days I would be "out of order". It took me a long time till I realized why. 

Since I've cut myself off at about 8 hours or less each day, I don't dred challenging commissions nearly as much. In fact I have more vibrant energy and happiness when I go into the studio. It's a great feeling!! 

A Common Misconception
Everyone thinks you have to work super late hours if your a true artist and be super eccentric. 

I used to think I did my best work late hours of the night-- only! But now... I know, not think, know, I know that it just depends on my routine. If your routine is staying up late and sleeping late... No big deal BUT if that's not your regular routine be very careful of burning out. 

I've changed my sleeping habits recently due to new responsibilities. I get up at 6:30am. Create from about 9/10- 5/6 sometimes as late as 7pm. When I work past my hourly max I kinda turn into a zombie. Have major issues focusing etc. That's how I know that I should have stopped earlier.  

I like to take notes, sometimes write a journal of moods during the day and any other details that might have an effect on my mood. Keeping a journal helps when I fall into a depressed unmotivated rut.  I can go back and read what I did in the past to get out of the previous ruts. 

Disclaimer: This post is not professional advice. If your having depression issues seek professional help. 

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